Festive Attire + New Arrivals

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Feelin' Festive?!

Ready or not, the holidays are upon us. Whether you are out for a day of shopping or getting ready for a Christmas party, choosing something to wear that fits the bill is always an unwanted stress:

     "If I wear this I'll be too dressy, but this is not dressy enough"

     "Forget it I'll stay in and put on sweats while I sip hot cocoa and watch Christmas vacation" (one of my all time favs by the way!!)

^^Nope, not an option this year! Enjoy this time of year, celebrating, giving, being with the people you love. Here at Hazel Twenty, we have gotten in many new fly items that can take you from shopping, to your social gathering... SNAP.. Just like that! Here are 3 new styles to start!


Style 1: Getting Fancy....

Who says you have to wear red and green to a Christmas party? It's 2014 after all! Hello, NYE is just around the corner too. Whether you pair it with a cute pair of booties or wear it with heels you are sure to be the talk of the party in this show stopper. Throw on a motto jacket or any cropped blazer and you are good to go.



Style 2: Shop til you drop....

So this outfit here is just ridiculous all the way around. Boots, flats, heels, it doesn't even matter because you will be cozy and stylish all wrapped up in one warm bundle. This might just be your favorite go-to winter piece?



Yep.... Told ya!

This cardigan won't be with us long so I wouldn't wait around on this piece!


Style 3: Dreaming of warmer days....

So not all of us will be braving the cold this holiday season. Some enjoy the season by whisking away to warmer climates to celebrate. If that's you then this maxi is a must. I mean we all know maxis are a must in EVERY season.


Isn't this hem line great!? And the clutch... Yea, the clutch can go with just about everything (and we have it in a ton of amazing colors

The print on this dress is perfect! And just like the holiday option above, you can pair it with a cropped jacket or a longer cardigan for a more casual look for those chilly evenings.

Whether you are visiting us online at www.hazeltwenty.com, or find us traveling around Asheville, NC in our Mobile Boutique, it's safe to say we have you covered for your holiday events, and then some. Until next time...



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