Break-in at Hazel Twenty Boutique

Posted by Lexi DiYeso on

Asheville friends, family and beyond — we NEED your help! At around 4 a.m. on October 30, Hazel Twenty was robbed. Someone broke in through the construction door on South Lexington Avenue and made their way into the store and were able to make off with tons of small merchandise worth almost $10,000. These items included leather goods, jewelry, hand bags, accessories and cash from the cash box. Some of these pieces are very unique to Asheville and our store in particular. It's important to note that they did not take any electronics with serial numbers (so that nothing could be traceable) and property damage was minimal. It appeared that the person had cased the location, either by previously entering or looking through the windows because it was a very organized robbery.

Here are photos of everything stolen from the break-in.

Handbags and Wallets








Rocks and Crystals


Other Items

Please, please, please keep your eyes peeled for any of these items being sold around town or online. Lets catch these thieves together.

Email with any information.

And please share this Facebook post if you live in the Asheville area.


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