Preveda Health & Esthetics Beauty Consultation

Posted by Lexi DiYeso on

Beauty consult time with Jan to set up my annual skin care regimine and treatment plan.  Time to get serious about reversing the effects of aging.  

 Step 1 a comprehensive skin care regimine from Zo Skin Health link


Maisie the Frenchie @maisiethefrenchie20 getting some serious beauty tips at Preveda Health & Esthetics.     

Follow along my journey for 2020.  I am committed to showing an honest account of the medical treatments, products, and services I explore at Preveda Health & Esthetics.  My long-term goals for this journey are to reverse sun damage and age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, improving overall skin texture, reducing redness and broken capilaries, and reducing poor size.  

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