My Experience with Halo Treatment Preveda Health & Esthetics

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My first Halo treatment at Preveda Health & Esthetics, first the technical facts...

The Halo laser has minimal downtime and is a game changer due to the fact that it is the first laser that combines two types of lasers to give you major results. It is a fractional laser that uses both ablative and non ablative technology. Makes sense right? Not following?  Me either. So basically the ablative laser targets pathways in your skin while leaving the are around it unscathed. The nonablative laser drives small thermal injuries into the skin, triggering collagen and elastin production (minimizing wrinkles). By targeting both the epidermis and the dermis, this hybrid laser minimizes the appearance of pore sizes, corrects sun damage, aids reduction in brown spots and can even the texture of your skin. It can be used on all types of skin but darker skin will require a little more work. It also has minimum downtime,  about 5-7 days. 

And this is no joke.  

Here is my journey with Halo.  

Getting my in office before Halo pics.   


Numbing up with numbing cream pre-Halo.

Immediately after my skin is red with some pinpoint bleeding, and a little swelling. I found the procedure itself to be very tolerable.  I wore metal goggles to protect my eyes and since my skin was numb tolerating the zaps was pretty easy.  Certain parts of my face were more sensitive especially around my mouth and nose.  In total the procedure lasted about an hour covering my face and neck.  They recommend taking an antihistamine ahead of the procedure to help control any facial swelling that can occur.  

I am upright and the swelling is mostly around the eyes.  I am surprised I don't look worse honestly. 

Back at home I tried to be prepared, and got a full face ice-pack mask....the bad sunburn sensation is real ya'll.

The evening of my Halo treatment my face and neck are still on fire (bad sunburn).  Cool air from AC or a fan really helps ease this discomfort.  As does my ice face mask.  I use the post procedure Avene gentle face wash and lotion including Cicalfate which helps speed the recovery process.

I plan to continue the ice for 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off, oh and I plan to sleep upright tonight.


Day 1 post Halo more swelling and darkening of the redness.  I am not experiencing the sunburn sensation today, thankfully.  I continue icing to in efforts to control the swelling and more antihistamine.

Today the neck defintely feels worse than the face. 

 1 day post Halo

Day 1 post Halo

Day 2 the swelling is pretty significant under my eyes. 

My neck is still very sore so I  keep it covered in my Cicalfate to help speed the healing process.  

 Day 2 post Halo


Day 3 the MENDS aka Microscopic Epidermal Necrotic Debris come out in full force. 

In laymans terms mends are the microscopic wounds from the laser treatment, that come to surface of skin about 2-5 days after Halo treatment.  I'm still a bit swollen, mostly under the eyes and cheeks and the neck is still very sore. 

Day 3 post Halo 

Day 3 Post Halo

Day 3 Post Halo

Day 4 I cannot lay low any longer.

I take this face and neck to work, still unable to wear makeup.  My skin feels pretty tight and little bit itchy.  I am careful not to scratch as the skin is still very sensitive.  I know I look red and peely but I am trusting in the process and cannot wait to see these results. 

Day 4 Post Halo 

Day 5 my face is improving every day. 

Some of the Mends start to come off during my face washings, revealing brighter newer looking skin.  My face has a slight red  However my neck is still pretty sore and so I keep it covered in Cicalfate.  

Day 5 Post Halo

Day 6 first day with a little bit of makeup. 

My neck is still lagging behind in recovery so its still covered in Cicalfate.  First day that I tried to work out at the gym since getting the Halo treatment.  My face got pretty hot and red as I got going so out of caution I  decided to stop midway through class.  Will give it a few more days and try again. 

6 Days Post Halo


Day 9 feeling mostly back to normal. 

The skin on my face feels rough and I am peeling some but an extra moisturizer and some light makeup is going along way at this point.  My neck is starting to recover and is on the upswing as well.  Worked out today too, no extra facial redness-except for the my natural workout induced glow.  

 9 Days Post Halo


11 days post Halo. 

I can definintey see results and am told that full results can take up to a month to see.  

Day 11 Post Halo

2 weeks post Halo. 

Skin texture still a little rough, but it can take 4 weeks for this to improve.  I  can   


2 Weeks Post Halo


3 Weeks Post Halo. 

My skin texture continues to improve, getting smoother by the day.  I am noticing a more even skin tone, this laser really reduced the sun damage and age spots that I was constantly covering up with makeup.  I am also seeing a drastic reduction in the fine lines (crows feet) around my eyes and mouth.  

3 week post Halo

4 weeks post Halo

4 Weeks post Halo with Preveda Health and Esthetics 

I am amazed at how I feel about my skin after this Halo treatment.  I would 100% do this treatment again.  The downtime is real. It took me about 7 days before I felt confident going outside, but the results are totally worth it!