About Hazel Twenty Mobile Boutique


Meet Hazel Twenty!  Asheville's most innovative approach to boutique shopping.  For the past 4 years we have brought the convenience to boutique shopping in our re-purposed Fed Ex Truck turned Fashion Truck com, in Asheville and beyond.  This spring we are set to open our flagship store in the heart of downtown Asheville, at 16 Patton Avenue.  We cannot wait to share our brand of classically styled, great fitting, functional clothing at our new storefront location. 

Whats in a name? Hazel Twenty got its moniker from two of my favorite loves. Hazel my sweet fawn Great Dane.  She was just monstrous in size and the most gentle giant in personality.   Twenty was the number I wore representing my school, The University of South Carolina, as a division I collegiate soccer player. 


Host a private shopping party with Hazel Twenty!

We would love to be a part of your event! And, conveniently, our boutique has wheels. Contact us to reserve a time and place for your private event!  Whether a corporate function, girls night, sporting event, shower, or any other event.. let us know!

Our boutique fits in most driveways, 22ft space minimum, and we are flexible with your location. Please note: If the event is over 25 miles from Asheville, NC, there will be a surcharge. We also ask for a 10 guest minimum, please.

Contact: lexi@hazeltwenty.com


Do you have a specific date in mind?

Please reach out to us to secure a date for your event. We will work with you to accommodate your schedule!


We offer hostess rewards!