Teaspressa - Luxe Elixer


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By: Teaspressa

Enjoy our new way of enjoying true flavour. The LUXE Elixir line simply features an all natural essential flavour that has no sugar as is and translates a beautiful, clean flavour.

The London Fog is a cozy, herbal blend highlighting lavender with complimentary notes of vanilla  This flavour is a heart warming taste with a soothing, stress relieving aroma of lavender buds softened with vanilla and herbal essentials. This flavour can be enjoyed in tea, coffee, and sparkling water OR you can enhance the flavour by adding your own sugar base such as stevia, honey, raw sugar, date sugar, etc. Adding your choice of sweets will blossom the flavour to life.

Enjoy pure or enhanced with your sweetener of choice; either way you are in for an aromatic and elevated taste experience we can't wait for you to enjoy!